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Parent Testimonials

"My children, Jayden and Skye, have been at Macksville Adventist School since the beginning of their education.  I particularly appreciate the family environment at the school and the way the different aged children socialise and play happily together.  I enjoy getting regular feedback from my childrens' teacher regarding their progress."

Natasha says she values the small school and believes her children benefit significantly from a nurturing and intimate learning environment.

Natasha Clements


"On our son David's first day of school he found friends and he loved his teacher. I soon found the school loved us just for being us. It's now been one year and we could not be happier. David's school work has improved and he is so happy."

Nicole says that she values the Christian community around the school and found that it doesn't matter what faith you belong to, everyone can still belong to Macksville Adventist School.