Make a Payment

Enrolment Procedure

All students are required to complete an application for enrolment form which is available from the school office..  This form must be completed and returned, together with the holding fee of $50.  While this fee is non-refundable, it is credited to the first term fee account. 

We value families, and believe it is the combined effort of the school and family that completes a child’s education.  It is important therefore, that each family meets with the school principal prior to enrolment.  The enrolling child and their parent should contact the school to make arrangements for an enrolment interview with the Principal and the School Council Chairperson to discuss the educational goals and expectations of both the parents and the school.

At the time of enrolment, parents should advise the school of any family court order, which may relate to the child.

Conditions of enrolment

Macksville Adventist School is open to all families who wish to provide their children with quality, Christian education.  Enrolments are accepted without regard to religion, ethnic background or nationality.

Macksville Adventist School operates not only for the members of the Adventist community, but also for students in the broader community who are committed to the values and the ethos of the school. While there is no religious test is applied to applicants, all students are expected to live in harmony with the standards and regulations of the school. They are also expected to participate in the life and program of the school; including devotional activities and Bible classes.